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The Scorecard

The Layout

Green Depth:  22 Yards
Green Width:  42 Yards

Blue Tee:  447 Yards
White Tee:  414 Yards
Green Tee:  374 Yards
Red Tee:  362 Yards

A consistent wind throughout the year makes carrying your tee shot to a plateaued fairway a challenge.  The approach shot is shorter when favoring the right side of the fairway, but do not get blocked behind the thick trees and bushes along that side.  The green is enormous, so pay close attention to the pin position.

Green Depth:  40 Yards
Green Width:  20 Yards

Blue Tee:  338 Yards
White Tee:  323 Yards
Green Tee:  292 Yards
Red Tee:  228 Yards

Short par 4 that doglegs pretty hard to the right around trees that hide the green from the tee.  A steeply sloped green front to back makes the judgment of your pitch on the approach shot the key to scoring.

Green Depth:  31 Yards
Green Width:  50 Yards

Blue Tee:  210 Yards
White Tee:  195 Yards
Green Tee:  187 Yards
Red Tee:  130 Yards

Difficult par 3 all uphill through an undulating fairway that makes this hole play even longer.  Pin placement will be the most important part of this hole.

Green Depth:  43 Yards
Green Width:  20 Yards

Blue Tee:  355 Yards
White Tee:  338 Yards
Green Tee:  315 Yards
Red Tee:  285 Yards

While seemingly flat from the fairway view, the slope of this green needs to be considered on this hole.  The responsible tee shot is to the right side of the fairway.  Don’t go long left, as the left greenside bunkers are pretty severe.

Green Depth:  21 Yards
Green Width:  25 Yards

Blue Tee:  542 Yards
White Tee:  509 Yards
Green Tee:  435 Yards
Red Tee:  425 Yards

Absolutely one of the coolest par 5’s on the beach.  It’s best not to go for this green in two, but to play position golf.  To give yourself the angle, the second shot should be placed on the left hand side to open up the plateaued green.

Green Depth:  27 Yards
Green Width:  34 Yards

Blue Tee:  461 Yards
White Tee:  392 Yards
Green Tee:  379 Yards
Red Tee:  246 Yards

Hardest hole on the course.  Considerable forced carry off the tee to reach the fairway with no bail out.  All of the greenside trouble is short on this lengthy par 4, in particular the mound directly in front – make sure you hit enough club.

Green Depth:  25 Yards
Green Width:  33 Yards

Blue Tee:  479 Yards
White Tee:  459 Yards
Green Tee:  429 Yards
Red Tee:  295 Yards

This is your time to shine.  Very gettable par 5 with a huge green modeled after #17’s at the Old Course at St. Andrews.  The green is double tiered, separated by a severe slope that makes the top tier sit atop a high plateau.  The green offers very little break on either tier.

Green Depth:  39 Yards
Green Width:  29 Yards

Blue Tee:  150 Yards
White Tee:  136 Yards
Green Tee:  130 Yards
Red Tee:  90 Yards

The shortest hole on the course – be sure not to take it lightly.  Once again pin position is critical, and be certain you’re aware of the severe contour on the front of the green.

Green Depth:  34 Yards
Green Width:  30 Yards

Blue Tee:  442 Yards
White Tee:  418 Yards
Green Tee:  370 Yards
Red Tee:  340 Yards

The enormous bunker at the front of the green is what makes this hole, causing you to want to bite off as much of the left side of the fairway as you can with your drive.  A right to left bend on the green favors a fade with your approach.

Green Depth:  45 Yards
Green Width:  24 Yards

Blue Tee:  443 Yards
White Tee:  415 Yards
Green Tee:  397 Yards
Red Tee:  326 Yards

The most ideal drive is a pounded draw to leave yourself a mid-iron approach.  The wise play off the tee is driving it to the right of the fairway bunkers, and deal with a very large, slightly bowled green.

Green Depth:  47 Yards
Green Width:  24 Yards

Blue Tee:  411 Yards
White Tee:  391 Yards
Green Tee:  368 Yards
Red Tee:  319 Yards

Best to ignore the bunker and drive to the left as the back right of the green only opens up from that side.  Your approach should be sure to stay left of the pin, and be cognizant the green falls to the back, so try to land it short of the target.

Green Depth:  32 Yards
Green Width:  35 Yards

Blue Tee:  165 Yards
White Tee:  145 Yards
Green Tee:  133 Yards
Red Tee:  105 Yards

Far better to miss long than left.  Play to the right of the hole because the green falls quickly to the left and be sure to take enough club.

Green Depth:  49 Yards
Green Width:  28 Yards

Blue Tee:  539 Yards
White Tee:  521 Yards
Green Tee:  512 Yards
Red Tee:  472 Yards

A continuation of some awesome par 5’s – try to keep your drive left off the tee.  If you’re a smart player, you’d play your second across the creek and to the right of the fairway.  The green is sloped right to left.

Green Depth:  36 Yards
Green Width:  29 Yards

Blue Tee:  389 Yards
White Tee:  365 Yards
Green Tee:  337 Yards
Red Tee:  272 Yards

The key to hole is the pitch to the green.  Be sure to keep the ball below the hole, and don’t get cute with the back right of the green.

Green Depth:  37 Yards
Green Width:  45 Yards

Blue Tee:  348 Yards
White Tee:  334 Yards
Green Tee:  315 Yards
Red Tee:  270 Yards

This par 4 can get you some momentum, or ruin your round.  If you miss left off tee, it’s all over for you.  Best to carry the bunkers off the tee, although not necessary, and concentrate extra hard on the short approach.  Three putts are the norm on this enormous green.

Green Depth:  37 Yards
Green Width:  37 Yards

Blue Tee:  447 Yards
White Tee:  428 Yards
Green Tee:  391 Yards
Red Tee:  308 Yards

One of the very best par 4’s on the beach – two fairways to choose from but your best line would be the fairway to the right, which gives you the best path to avoid the front bunker by the green.  The green is steeply pitched, be careful with the downhill putt.

Green Depth:  37 Yards
Green Width:  54 Yards

Blue Tee:  220 Yards
White Tee:  185 Yards
Green Tee:  175 Yards
Red Tee:  120 Yards

The green is absolutely massive on this long uphill par 3.  Any tee shot on the green is good, but if you come up short, you’ll have a short chip with tons of green to play with.

Green Depth:  49 Yards
Green Width:  23 Yards

Blue Tee:  414 Yards
White Tee:  387 Yards
Green Tee:  364 Yards
Red Tee:  311 Yards

Great finishing hole that requires an accurate straight drive between two rows of bunkers.  You’re left with an uphill approach to a long narrow green.


“Solid Legends Course”

As usual with Legends courses, great value for price including cart, breakfast, lunch, and two beers.


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